Perhaps the best Yuletide decoration is being wreathed in smiles. ~Author Unknown

December 24, 2008

Yeah! It's Christmas morning... well the morning of the 24th anyway. We celebrated "Christmas morning" on the 24th. Isaiah and Owen woke up to stockings full of books and tape and chalk and bunches of other fun stuff. Santa ate all his cookies and water (Isaiah refused to leave him cow's milk standing stood firm in his belief that Santa would definitely prefer water) and left presents strewn across the house. He even left a few for mom and dad.

Isaiah and Owen LOVED the pulley system mom and dad gave them. It allows them to finally put that bunk bed to use! They can load things on the floor and raise them up to the top bunk. They also loved their toy tree house! It has two pulley systems too.

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Kalisis Rising said...

Great pictures Jill! I love the idea of Santa strewing the presents all over the place.