You don't have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces - just good food from fresh ingredients. ~Julia Child

December 12, 2008

Joel Fuhrman's' famous soup promises to cure everything from cancer to a sinus infection. It's super yummy too. It's too hard to make without a high power blender though so I never had the chance to make it before. Today we made it minus the leeks since the car battery was dead and I couldn't find them yesterday.

We started with a pot full of lentils, water, and whole veggies. I love the way starting with the emphasis on whole veggies reinforces the goal of eating "whole foods". The recipe calls for the juice of two heads of celery and five pounds of carrots. Isaiah took over the juicing with Owen as his left hand man! Isaiah's fresh juice then functions as stock. Steamed whole veggies are soon Vita-Mixed and then rejoin the original lentils and fresh juice. Chopped mushrooms top off the soup!

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